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Venus with Love was created by two ladies with a sincere admiration for jewellery and its uniqueness.

As career-women, mothers and fashionistas, they sought a business that would inspire them and others to envision pieces that have personal symbolism combined with visual beauty.

With expertises working in the dot com industry, they were keen to utilise their skills with their fashion passion, thus, the formation of the V.Locket and V.Band entities.

With connotations of love, beauty and prosperity associated to the Roman goddess Venus, Venus with Love seemed like a fitting name as their jewellery evokes a meaning of the same nature; a one of a kind artisan piece that is rich with a loving and visually stunning sentiment. What is more, it is believed that Venus adorned jewellery and every piece was created with a bona fide love... akin to the making of Venus with Love products.

They have plans to keep extending their range and are continually branching into other areas of jewellery design.

The Venus with Love Team. X